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The opportunity to take part in a six week scientific research expedition to Arctic Norway as an 18 year old boy proved transformative for Mark, unlocking self-belief and acting as the catalyst for a lifetime of challenge, adventure, self-discovery and scientific research.

Mark has subsequently spent more than thirty years of his life selecting and leading teams of people into some of the most remote and extreme environments on earth; from the frozen Arctic, which included two years living in small tents, and enduring four months of total darkness in an environment where human beings were not top of the food-chain, to the largest sand desert on the planet.

Some of the major projects that Mark has personally led or overseen are;

January 2016

January 2015

Cart Hauling in Oman

January 1st, 2015|

A 21 day journey that saw three corporate teams haul an 8 wheeled cart from Duqm, on the east coast of Oman, to Fahud, so recreating a historic journey that took place in 1953 in the search for oil in Oman.

January 2009

Empty Quarter Oman

January 1st, 2009|

A 28 day 4x4 based journey with Kiwi photographer John Smith, in search of the highest dune in Oman, close to the border with Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and the legendary Umm As Samim/Mother of Poisons quicksands.

January 2008

January 2007

January 2004

January 2001

July 1998

January 1994


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