Cart Hauling in Oman


A 21 day journey that saw three corporate teams haul an 8 wheeled cart from Duqm, on the east coast of Oman, to Fahud, so recreating a historic journey that took place in 1953 in the search for oil in Oman.

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Empty Quarter Oman


A 28 day 4x4 based journey with Kiwi photographer John Smith, in search of the highest dune in Oman, close to the border with Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and the legendary Umm As Samim/Mother of Poisons quicksands.

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Kayaking Around Qatar


A 12 day kayak journey around Qatar in a Valley Nordkapp kayak, starting at Salwa on the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and ending at Khor Udayd.

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Arctic Year – overwintering on Svalbard


A 12 month expedition supported by IBM computers and BES Expeditions, that saw us overwinter on Svalbard in small tents. The expedition, which was divided into three, four month phases, endured 4 months of total darkness and temperatures that fell to minus 37 degrees celsius. Expedition Patron was Colonel Andrew Croft.

Arctic Year – overwintering on Svalbard2018-08-13T10:35:38+00:00
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